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Hello guys i have acer aspire 6920 and i brought a HD display from acer 6920g and it doesnt work properly. I can run it only on 1366x768 because on higher resolutions the stuff thats on is unreadable. And even that the screen is harder to read. Solution to change the screen is not an option. Im searching for some kind of adapter or something that would then work properly with my screen ;)
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  1. connect your new display using dvi or hdmi cable, not vga. and with higher resolutions pixels become smaller to give you that image quality so yes text will look smaller but note you can press ctrl+ scroll wheel up or down motion to zoom in or out when reading websides if your eyes are not good
  2. sorry i misinterpreted myself :/ it is not HD display is hd screen because 6920g is sold with either 1366x768 screen or 1920x1080 screen but unfortunatelly i bought screen the HD screen which is not working properly on my 6920 as supposingly it doesnt fully support that one. thats why im searching for alternative way to make full HD work on this. and giving back a screen is not an option so i have to work with what i got :)
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