Best card for maxing games @720P ?

System specs

APU - A6-3650
HDD - 1TB @7500RPM
POWER SUPPLY - 950watts
PCI-E - 2.1 x16

I would like to know the best graphics card to max settings on most games @720P

It must be around £100/$160 And be quite power efficient :3

I'm really struggling but mainly i want to play all of the Call of duty + Battlefield series and the new FPS WARFACE if anyone has experience with how that handles and Planetside 2 please

I thought of the HD6870 maybe
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  1. 7770 is the way to go.
  2. power efficient? why did you get a 950watt? that's capable of running four video cards....anyways for that price you can pickup a 7750 or 7770, maybe 7850
  3. Okay but my PCI-E is 2.1 and the 7850 is 3.0 should i go for a lower one ?
  4. Iv'e gone with the HD 7750 because it will max most games i love but at the same tie idle uses 5watts and running games uses 40 watts which is the best i've ever seen.

    Thanks for making my decision and for a cheap price too :)
  5. pci revision shouldn't matter......
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