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HD 5670 Xfire vs 650

I have 2 HD 5670's in Xfire and I wanted to know if getting a 650 would be better.
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  1. You will see a some performance increase, but a 7770 is faster.
  2. xfire in a old + low end card like 5670 is so useless i cant begin to explain,
    how low long will u use that 2 more years?
    by that time 5000 series will be ancient!!
    so the 5670 is just out of the window.
    and if u want a good gaming experience in 1080p or even 900p might as well throw the 650 too!
    do u know the gtx 650 is the SLOWEST gtx card sold??
    it was supposed to be as good as the 550ti but 550ti is faster and around the same price.
    if u want a decent gaming experience atleast get a 7770 ~110$
    or if u absolutely cant up your budget just get a 7750 atleast u'll save on PSU
  3. yes i agree. 7750 or 7770 will be a good upgrade for cheap
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    Assuming I know how to already have the xfire.

    If so, no need to upgrade to a 650. It's not worth the money as the xfire should still be faster than a 650.

    I wouldn't upgrade unless you are going for at least a 650 ti or a 7850.
  5. i agree. i take back my previous comment
  6. yeas I already have the amd cards and friend will sell 650 for $70 so that's why I asked.
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