Dying GPU or PSU (or both)?


The GPU (GTX 280) on my older computer is acting up on high load, when I play games (and only then), it would just randomly crash (purple screen with a lotta mess on it). The card is almost 5 years old but I'm wondering whether it could actually be the PSU (which is as old and not 80+). Bottom line, after I underclocked it from 600 MHz to 450 the problem seems to be gone.

What do you guys think. Should I first try a new PSU with the card (clocking it back to stock), or try first a new card with this PSU. OR just get new both of them?

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  1. well firstly when booting up press f8 and select an option to disable automatic restarts upon system failures. with that next time you get that crash you will be able to wride down the error number. with that you can google the error number and that should point you in the general direction as to whats wrong
  2. Not sure how I'll be able to do that as after the crash my monitors are unusable and a few seconds later the system just shuts down (does not restart)
  3. oh well in that case I would get a new power supply first, if it crashes still its the gpu
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