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I'm experiencing a weird occurrence with fallout new Vegas..a good weird occurrence.
Normally when running games, my gpu fan speeds up significantly thus making it louder ( I have a gtx 560) and most games on max settings don't run that smoothly so I end up having to change the settings to medium/high. I first got fallout 3, which was notorious for having technical errors up the arse, with a few mods I was able to optimize the game and it runs fine, I noticed my gpu fan wasn't working as hard. Then I got New Vegas, also did a few tweaks, and for the hell of it tried to run the game with a couple of high texture mods and settings on high, whats crazy is that my gpu fan is just about as quiet as when my computer is idle, but the game runs flawlessly, no screen tearing, no frame rate issues..nothing, but when I play another game, for example skyrim or witcher 2, the fan goes crazy again and the games settings need to be at medium/high. I don't think its the performance mod fixes because those were supposed to fix problems that came with the game. At this point im really not sure whats going on seeing that im really new when it comes to super technical stuff.
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  1. Some games are more demanding on the gpu and in turn the gpu's fan will spin faster and some games are more cpu dependant,so the gpu fan wont spin as all depends on how demanding the game is on your gpu or cpu
    the game engin for both games are the same and are four years old or older. the older game engine if it was written for consoles and ported to the pc then your 500 ser gpu has a lot more rendering power then the older 8800/210 that were out four years ago.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I was thinking the same but even when I installed hi res texture mods the fan stayed pretty much the same. Oh well, this is a good thing so better not to question it haha
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