Which graphics card should i get?

hey im on the verge of buying a pc primarily for gaming, but im stuck on which card i should buy, i was thinking of getting a 7970 but i could afford a 680 or a 670 is cheaper than both, the rest of the specs are as follows,
AMD Bulldozer FX-4 Quad Core 4100 3.60GHz Processor
8 gigs of ram
120 ssd
2tb hdd
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  1. btw this is the first pc i will ever buy so i am a bit of a noob and im not building it myself so some of the parts you may suggest i may not be able to get
  2. That's a poor proc to be honest. Not good for that kind of GPU power.

    The 670 DCUII is probably the best option and when overclock the top end is fairly close to each other.
  3. forget the gtx680

    its not much faster than the gtx670 but costs a fair bit more

    either gtx670

    or 7970

    or 7950 and overclock it

    if gaming on resolutions above 1920 x 1080 then the amd card

    or if you want to use the compute power of the gpu then also the amd card

    the gtx670 is great for gaming but not so much for software that can utilise the gpu compute power
  4. hmm, are amd bad for processors?
  5. Benhopalong said:
    hmm, are amd bad for processors?

    depends on your budget--amd are cheaper than intel but intel are faster

    but if you have the money then the intel 3570k is the gamers choice of cpu
  6. ahh i was thinking of this new setup with that i5 and a 7970 is that good ?
  7. yes the 3570k and a 7970 or gtx670 is good

    i got a 7970 for the same price as a gtx670 in the uk

    the gtx670 is more power efficient but i wanted games performance and the compute power of the gpu

    so went 7970
  8. okay thanks i think i might do that, i too am from the uk where did you buy yours from ?
  9. scan.co.uk--dpd give a one hour delivery slot--never failed to be in that 1 hour for me yet--saves waiting about all day

    though i always check a few other sites as some do one day only deals

    aria.co.uk--they do daily deals

    ebuyer--can order up to 11pm and still get it next day--as long as its an item in their main warehouse


    overclockers.co.uk--they do weekly deals starting on wednesday mornings
  10. I5 is massively more powerful than that AMD proc. Amazon have the DCUII on sale occasionally. I got mine for £300
  11. have you guys built these pcs yourself, becuase im thinking of doing that
  12. atm im looking at customizables on overclockers uk
  13. yes built it myself

    overclockers.co.uk is good with their configurator

    but you will pay for them building it for you

    if you get them to build it choose no overclocking option

    its simple to overclock the i5
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