Canmy single R7870 run a 27" 1440p main display and a 23" 1080p?

This is the gist of my current set up:

I plan on upgrading:

I currently run an HP h2338w 23" monitor, that I would like to run alongside a

The 27" would be mainly for playing World of Warcraft. The 23" would be for utility, i.e browsing, etc. I'd obviously like to run them in tandem.

Would this be possible with my current GPU setup, or would it be more beneficial for me to purchase another R7870 to get decent framerates on the main display.

I'm on roughly a $1,000 budget, and I'd realistically like to stay around $800. $400 of which will be tied up in the CPU/Mobo/8GB more RAM I want.

Does anyone have any advice on if this will work out for me, or do I need to scrap my plan and start anew?
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  1. Yes a 7870 should easily be able to handle 2 monitors. I have a 7950 (7870 is only a step below it) and run 4 monitors. Running multiple monitors doesnt take a lot of work as far as the graphics card goes, unless you're trying to game on multiple monitors. For the price you're paying for the 7870, you might want to try to come up with an extra $50 and go with a 7950.
  2. Thatnks for your reply. It's exaqctly what I was hoping for. I don't want to have to buy another GPU now if I can hep it. But I do want a 2560x1440p Koreaqn Monitor for my main gaming display and have normal programs that I would normally alt+taqb out to on the 23".

    Encouraging words, thank you kind sir.
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