Outlook 2007/Exchange Server won't connect

I cannot connect to exchange server from either my desktop or notebook, both running Win 7 64 bit. Can connect from another machine running XP. Says Outlook must be online to access the server.
I see others have had similar problems, but no answers so far.
Please advise.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Check the exchange configuration, exist an option that say "offline".
  2. Hi RobDN,

    I'm still facing this issue... Using Win7 x64 I can't connect to the exchange, using XP I can....
    Do you already have the solution for this??/

  3. I'm have this problems as well. I really need help and hope anyone can share your ideas or solutions.

    My case is :

    1.) Windows Xp with Outlook2003 or Outlook2007 connect to exchange server 2003 without any problems (outside and not in company network)
    2.) Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Outlook2003 or 2007 CANNOT connect to exchange server 2003 (outside and out of company network) but I can connect without any problems in company network.
    3.) check with ISP and without any port blocked
    4.) already edit hosts file in Win7 Ultimate.

    Hope someone can help. Please......
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