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Hi, I recently build my first computer and i managed to boot up everything on the first try. For the first three days my computer played games like it should but all of a sudden i would be running 90 fps then would drop to 30. When its runnng at 90 fps the temps are around 70 celcuis with the gpu capacity around 55% and when it drops to 30 fps the the temps drop to 63 celcuis and the capacity of the gpu rises to 99%. Also when it drops from high to low my screen crashes for like 5 seconds then the game comes up again. I play games on normal settings, I dont play as they come and dont mess with so i dont why it keeps on doing that. Can anyone tell me whats going on?

Mobo: asrock z77 extreme4
CPU: intel i-3570k not oced yet.
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8 gig 1600 mhz
Hd: Samsung 1tb 7200RPM
GPU: nvidia galaxy gtx 670 gc
PSU: corsair tx 850 Watt gold.
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  1. the anus of the computers brain must be malfunctioning.
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