Will a GTX 650ti 2gb SSC bottleneck a Core 2 Extreme QX6800?

Just as the title states, I have an older PC with 8gbs of DDR2 RAM and a Core 2 Extreme QX6800 running at stock settings with a 9800 GT. Wanting to upgrade the GPU.

Will a GTX 650ti 2gb SSC bottleneck it? (could I get something even better without a bottleneck? :) )

Also will the GTX 650 TI 2gb SSC make a big difference in my machine?
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  1. No, the cpu doesn't bottleneck the card, the card doesn't bottleneck the cpu.
    The 650 ti is much faster than a 9800GT.
  2. Will I be able to use 100% of the new GPU in my system? Or is my CPU to slow?
  3. im guessing it would depend on what game with what graphical settings.
  4. jctwibell said:
    Will I be able to use 100% of the new GPU in my system? Or is my CPU to slow?

    Like i said the cpu won't bottleneck that card, it won't be slow for it, the usage of the gpu, depends on the game optimization and respective usage.
  5. Well, I already know that Im going to have to turn settings down in games. I have a poor mans 3 screen set up and would like to get rid of my matrox triplehead2go.

    I was hoping Shift 2 unleashed would be able to run on med/high settings...
    Battlefield 3 on med. ( I can run it on low right now...)

    (individual monitor res is 1650x1050. with the total making 5040x1050.)

    I understand I could sell it all and spend a bit more for a more capable system but I just need a GPU right now...
  6. The 650 ti is good for 1650x1050, it can play any game with good amounts of fps, but for a triple monitor setup with a resolution of 5040x1050, the 650 ti isn't good for that, you need a better card, i recommend gaming only at one monitor.
  7. What card would you recommend for $170? (thats my limit)
  8. I don't think there's a card worth for triple monitor(5040x1050) at that range, the 7850 is better but it's not sufficient for that, both cards supports triple monitor(650 ti nvidia surround, 7850 amd eyefinity) but the performance of the cards are not good enough for that, you need a high-end card for that, for 1650x1050 the 650 ti is fine.
    You can find some 7850 on newegg at that price, if you're interested.
  9. Well, Im on a tight budget and dont mind gaming at lower settings at native resolution. My 9800 GT has been pretty good and if I am able to use the GTX 650ti ssc at 100% with my QX6800 then I know it will be better than what I have.

    My main concern was to make sure it was a good match between the CPU and GPU.
  10. Yes, you're fine, at native resolution the 650 ti is a good choice, and like i said there's no bottleneck.
  11. Hello
    If you want to play in 3 monitors, you have to spend more in the video card than in the 3 monitors together. I don't think that a system that cost less than $1000 will be good for triple monitor setup. GTX650ti is more than enough for 1680 x 1050 but if you have $170/00 to spend then get the HD7850, it is vastly superior. Also, get a good CPU cooler and overclock your CPU all you can.
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