Intel & Radeon crossfire or Intel & nVidia SLI

I'm stuck here...
I'm gonna buy a Asus P8Z77-V PREMIUM Motherboard, and not sure if I'm gonna go for nVidia or Radeon...
I'm a big fan of nVidia, but I'm on a budget. One of the reasons that i would go with the nVidia is that all those asus-tools only work with asus products, like gtx670 etc.
I'm also future-proofing this by buying the Premium card because of it's 4-way/crossfireX, and since I'm on a budget, should i go with gtx670? I have a ASUS VG278H 27" LCD 3D Monitor, with nVidia 3D-vision built-in, so is that a kick backwards if i go with Radeon? I like playing in 3D, and maybe in future time I will buy more monitors, but again, if I do that, will i need a 4GB Card? Does it do any difference if i go sli(Does the multiple screens work better better, or do i have to get a 4GB?)?
As so, I'm gonna play BF3 & Crysis 3 in 3D.
I saw a minimum requirements-list on crysis that said:
Hi-performance system requirements for PC

* Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 •
* Latest DirectX 11 graphics card •
* Latest quad core CPU
* 8GB Memory
* Nvidia/Intel example setup: NVidia GTX 680, Intel Core i7-2600k
* AMD example setup: AMD Radeon HD7970, AMD Bulldozer FX4150

So is a 670 SLI enough?
I have a possible build here:
In advance, Thanks!
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  2. Can I first start out by saying that BF3 multiplayer in 3D isn't a good idea? Yes it looks cool, but for competitive games, you're far, FAR better off just playing at 120fps, or even 60fps 2d.

    Secondly, yes, the 670 will be MORE than enough; they're inflating their stats to gather support. Remember, this is built on the same engine that Crysis 2 is, so if you can play that in 3d however you like it, you can do the same with Crysis 3. (I mean, the 680 is a horrible pick when it's 2-5% faster but 25-30% more expensive than a 670, and the i7-2600k has no appreciable benefit over a sandy bridge i5.)

    You only need a 4GB card if you're wanting to game on multiple monitors, and you'd need to SLI them anyways.

    Don't buy the Premium motherboard just because you want 4-way SLI. That's a waste of money - there's not going to be a time when 4-way SLI is better than 2-way of a newer generation, because of the HUGE diminishing returns after the second card.

    Get an i5-3570k, a AsRock z77 Extreme4, 8GB of RAM. That will get you the EXACT same performance as what you have listed, for a lot cheaper. Then throw in what you have there (Though you only need a 750w PSU) and two 670s, and you're golden.
  3. So basically, 2-way gtx 670 is the same as 4-way??
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