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is there compatibility issues with gtx660 graphics cards and AMD 990x motherboards? im having trouble with an asus gtx660 card and my mobo. the mobo is a asus m5a99x evo and a gigabyte 990fxa-d3. when the card is fitted they both wont post.
I got the gigabyte board to boot with the gtx660 card fitted in the second pcix16 slot and my quadro 600 in the first slot but it only recognized it was there. please help! the rest of my system is up to it im sure, its just the mobo i think.
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  1. Those motherboards supports the 660 gtx, if there's no post in both motherboards, the problem might be the card, and not the motherboards, check if you put the 6 pin pcie connector on the card, check if the card is well seated, check in another motherboard, the card might be a defective one.
  2. Sounds like a bad card to me.
  3. leeroychubby, did you ever try another card? I've seen a couple other people specifically ask about a 990x mobo and GTX 660.
    Since I just ordered the same components it'd be nice to know if you had a bad card or if that combination just doesn't work.
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