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I have an ATI Radeon 7850 graphics card. Running Windows 7 Professional x64. I had the problem when using HDMI that the screen was shrunken with a border around it. I found on this site the fix for that, changing it to not use underscan in the catalyst control center.

But there are also flickering black boxes on my screen, they pretty much appear on non-active windows, but not all of the time. I tried taking screenshots but the screenshots come out fine. So it must have to do with the connection/monitor. Has anyone else run into this? I originally bought a fairly cheap HDMI cable to use and thought that might be why. But I changed it out for one of my higher quality HDMI cables that I already owned for a video game system but I still get the artifacts. Could this be caused by the monitor? The current monitor that it's on is a Dell ST2320L.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I just now for the first time used CCC's Eyefinity setup and this actually seems to have solved the black flickering issue. Previously I had been using Windows' extended displays options.

    So the problem is solved, but I'd still like to know if anyone can tell me how to solve this without the CCC solution just so that I know. I also prefer the extended desktop in Windows because I don't like my start bar to go across both monitors as it does in the CCC options.
  2. And foot in mouth, I see there is an option to display the bar on one window in Eyefinity.
  3. Well I don't like the eyefinity since it makes it one single monitor, so all my apps start up centered between the two and fullscreen mode an applications sucks. Anyone know what might be happening and if I can fix it without using eyefinity?

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