Cant get on the internet eeepc 901 xp

after my son switched of his netbook while it was insatalling updates, it would not boot up again, so we re-enstalled xp on to the machine, now we can not get onto the internet not wirelessly or via an ethernet cable, abcolutly nothing no error messages nothing, the fn and f2 button does nothing and in device manager we cant even see networking, wireless or anything, however the blue light on the front of the machine showing wireless is on!!!totally baffled, may as well be a toy like this, can anybody help
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Did it have XP on it before when it worked properly? Network Adapters should be a category in the list in Device Manager and if the light is on it should be working. Try Control Panel>Network Connections to see if it shows up and try cabling from your router to the ethernet port on the netbook if wireless fails.

  2. hi there found the adapters wud appear that the drivers were missing so found them on another laptop, put them on a memory stick and installed them and now its working, phew!!!!!!however my other issue is that the hard drive is partitioned, c drive is half the size of d drive and now it has been updating the c drive is full, any idea how i can sort this out, maybe put the c and d drive back into 1 or something
  3. Netbooks are usually pre-installed with a dual boot OS option. So you get both an XP and an Ubuntu Linux OS on the Netbook out of the box. Since they don't have a CD/DVD Rom built in, there may be a restore option during boot. Which will reset your natbook to it's factory state. If you don't have the restore option, and you don't want the Linux install that's a different story.
    You will need to find a Disk paritioning software like (my favorite) Gparted to do the job. There are many out there, look around to find one that suits you. Just delete the unwanted partition and expand the system partition to the size of the disk. Its not hard and it shouldnt take more than a few minutes.

  4. Alternatively, you could move everything to the D:\ drive except Windows. All your documents, music and pictures might take up some space, as will Programme Files.

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