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Which Video Card?


I am wondering if someone can explain why I SHOULDN'T get the 2GB card, am I missing something???



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  1. go for the 2 GB card new games are starting to require more than 1 GB on the card. Example crysis 2 to run on ultra, DX11 and High res textures they recommend 1.5 GB. This will just Keep going up especially if you add high AA to it.
  2. The 2gb is going to be better. As when you have high textures the 2gb can be needed.

  3. get the 2gb 7850 as there is not any price difference between them
  4. I am planning to set up crossfire a pair of these but your points are still valid

    I am just worried because the prices for the 1gb vs the 2gb is almost identical.

    Thank You
  5. if you are planning crossfire then definately get 2gb. you will surely need the extra 1gb of vram in crossfire configuration
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    Depends on what you're playing and how long you think you'll keep this card.

    Games like Skyrim for example, played @ 1920x1080 resolution with graphic/texture mods will easily eat more than 1GB of video memory.

    My GTX 470 SLI setup actually has a hard time keeping a steady frame rate in Skyrim because it uses every bit of my 1GB of GPU-RAM. So occasionally it'll stutter as it loads data.

    At this point I'd suggest a 2GB video card (primarily if you'll be playing at higher resolutions). Games are beginning to get to that level.

    Normally a 2GB card would cost more. However, the 1GB card you're looking at has an upgraded cooler. So that's why the price is basically the same. Get the 2GB version.
  7. The 7850 might not be powerful enough in some situations to take advantage of more than 1gb of ram (So if the prices where further apart $20+ the 1gb could be good buy, but they are not)... But in your situation where you plan to Crossfire it, Than the 2gb is without a doubt the way to go.
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