Will this graphics card work in server?

Hi there,

I recently bought a Dell PowerEdge T320 server. The graphics aren't great in it and it is performing kind of slowly for some of the applications that are being run.

Here is the spec sheet:

And here is the graphics card I bought:

Should this work alright? All I have to do is go into BIOS, and change it from the integrated graphics card to the dedicated one, am I right? And will I need a separate power supply or anything?

Many thanks

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  1. It should do, servers seem similar in structure to PC's, so as long as the other parts are compatible with it, it shouldn't matter if it's a server.

  2. Thanks TheGreat, appreciate your reply. Did you have a look at the spec sheet as well?


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    ...Oh, for compatibility, just make sure the motherboard has PCI-e x16 slots
  4. No problem :) And yes I did, it looks like a powerful machine, oh and I just found that it does have PCI-e slot, YOU'RE ALL SET TO GO
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  6. jdowning640 said:
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    do you test it?
  7. Hold your horses... What do you have there now? You are going to take GeForce GT610? It is awful...
  8. I want to upgrate my sistem (Dell T320) with a video card, but no one which are recomanded by Dell because it is too expensive for me (400-500$). So my ask is "Is possible to insert a 3th party video board?"
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