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Hi :)

I am wondering why the ASUS GeForce GTX 660 2GB DirectCU II OC only needs one 6-pin connector and the

ASUS GeForce GTX 660 2GB DirectCU II TOP needs two 6-pin........

and when i was visiting the geforce/nvidia website i looked at the specs and it said that the card will need a minumum of 450 W
and iv'e got 460.

So the question is.... Is it possible to use one 6-pin connector on the TOP edition of the gtx 660 ?
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  1. No it is not possible I guess.. When a gfx card needs 2 6 pin connector, then you should use 2 six pin connector, or use a adapter like a molex to 6 pin connector, so you could use a molex connector if you don't have an extra 6 pin. for the wattage, I guess it would work, but normally I suggest getting at least a 500w psu for a gtx 660 and above versions. But yea, it would probably work.
  2. all models of gtx 660 of asus uses single six pin
  3. It's only now that I remembered that. I double checked by check the spec, and yes, it only needs 1 6 pin.
  4. The asus has the same requirements as the standard card 660 gtx, a 6 pin pcie connector and maximum gfx card power of 140W.
    You're fine.
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