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Hello, guys
currently has an issue about crossfire
motherboard asus f1a75-m-pro r2.0
graphic card ati radeon hd 6550D asus 1gb
add ati radeon hd 6670 hp 1gb

I install both driver
and I did not see any crossfire option in amd control center

am i already crossfire success?

btw operating win 7 system
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    You cant just crossfire any graphics cards together, they have to be from the same series. like 6670 + 6650, or 6670 + 6670, but not with 65XX. Just remove your 6550 and just use the 6670. Crossfiring low end cards gives is a bad idea anyway. You will get inconsistent performance, stuttering, fps drops etc. Crossfire only works well on high end cards where FPS can be kept high enough to eliminate the stuttering.
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  3. thanks a lot to let me know
    so you meaning I need add another 6XXX series in order to crossfire?
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