Buying a new GPU, Need Help.

I am looking into buying a new GPU. I have my eyes set on

My question is do I need to worry about the connectors that come with the GPU and them not fitting with my other PC hardware.

My Case-


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  1. The 670 should fit in that case, the GTX 670 is 9.5 inches long and I've never seen a ATX case with a bay below 10 inches, so that'll be fine I think. also, the PSU will be more than enough to power your system and it's a good quality brand aswell. You should be good to go.

  2. Ok thanks for the quick response. Is the Gigabyte 670 one of the better 670's to buy? Will I have any worry about temperatures since I only use the stock cooling fans that came with my case?
  3. There is another thread where someone asked about how long a card would fit within your case you have 11 inches of clearance. The gigabyte version is very long its on a 680 PCB but should be just fine with your case also keep in mind that you also have extended room because of how your pci slots work anyhow. By the way I have the same card as you plan to buy hope you enjoy it if you purchase it.
  4. The gigabyte 670 is one of the stronger cards to purchase. It does use a larger PCB and also requires a 6+2 pin connection which differs from the normal two 6 pin connections of the other cards. If I were to purchase a card again I would just get the normal ASUS 670 DirectCUII. Both are very quiet cards.

    you can find the asus card a little cheaper :),18&c=101

    Also, here is tomshardware review/recommendations.,3217-16.html
  5. The newegg page for your PSU says:

    PCI-Express Connector
    1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 6+2-Pin

    The newegg page for the Giga 670 says:

    Power Connector
    6 pin / 8 pin

    So looks like ya covered.

    As for which card, if ya have a gigabyte board I'd lean towards the Giga GFX card as it makes talking to tech support if ya have a problem a little easier.....1st thing they learn in TS101 is "get the customer off the phone by blaming the other vendor".

    My fav 670 is the Asus DCII......heres some reviews:
  6. Looks like we both like the ASUS card a little more Jack. The only reason I didn't get the ASUS card was because I was under a budget otherwise ASUS would of been it.
  7. I woulda bought it if you could find the damn thing at launch, got a Gigabyte instead and I am happy, there is a 2 fan model of the Gigabyte 670 I believe that is a little shorter, the 3 fan one is pretty long.
  8. The overclocked version uses the 680 PCB and uses windforce 3 which is the one that normally gets reviewed. The stock card uses the shorter PCB and has 2 fans and only uses 2 6 pin connections.
  9. Please do note that the Gigabyte board you linked is a full eleven inches long, check the length in the details tab near the bottom.
  10. It certainly is however he should have no issues with it. It will be more of a tight fit but you can do it. If you get the ASUS 670 DirectCUII you will have more room.

    Card Dimensions
    10.7" x 5.4" x 1.7"

    Card Dimensions
    11" x 5.4" x 1.7"
  11. I have just been worried about temp issues since I use the stock fans that came with my case. The ASUS one you linked will that still run cool? I liked the Gigabyte one for the extra fan.

    Here is my Motherboard -
  12. Your motherboard is quite fine. And your case should be pretty good as well you have 2 front fans one back fan and a top fan and I guess the optional side panel fan.
  13. I had to edit my post. I decided to go measure the card I currently have(ATI 5850). It is about 10.5" and it's a pretty tight fit.

    Would this EVGA 670 be good? It is about the same size of the card I have in my PC right now.
  14. Yea its fine. I would prefer if you were to go evga to get the best cooling situation you could. I would get the signature 2 card.
  15. bigshootr8 said:
    Yea its fine. I would prefer if you were to go evga to get the best cooling situation you could. I would get the signature 2 card.

    That one looks good. As far as the power cables go that will work fine with the PSU and other parts I listed right?
  16. Correct the power cables are there for the card. As well as should work fine.
  17. bigshootr8 said:
    Correct the power cables are there for the card. As well as should work fine.

    ok great thanks alot for all your help.
  18. Not a problem. I don't like the power supply rosewill ~cringe~ but it should fit the bill.
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