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I have changed the display of my netbook Samsung NC10 with a new one; the code on the back was CLAA102NA0ACW and I purchased a compatible one.
However, when I plug it, it does not respond. I noticed in a couple of occasions it had some "light", meaning that it was black but on, but not all the times I switched on the netbook. Plus, I also noticed it gets quite hot on the back close to the connector.

Any idea? Is it simply broken? I know the cable works because the old display works (well, just part of it because of a crack)

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Sounds like your compatible display isn't compatible after all.
  2. I had the same thought, but I mean.. how are people supposed to buy stuff then?
    It was not only written on the website, but it's written on the back of the new display too: compatible with 4 models including mine.
    Is there anything I could do/try before sending it back? I noticed that "sometimes" you can see it is on but very dark anyway (no image shown). On other forums I saw it could be a backlight issue, but in those cases the display was more complicated (more connectors and the trouble was with the inverter). The display of the Samsung nc10 instead is very basic, only one connector..

    Any possibility before kicking it back for refund?
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