Can't access network computer over VPN

Hello all. I have a VPN set up through windows 7 at home. Until recently, I've always been able to connect to my VPN with my work laptop and access the files on my home computer. Now for some reason, my home computer no longer shows up under "network". I can connect to my VPN without issue, but the home computers just do not show up and I cannot access the files.

I haven't changed anything that I know of. Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue? I turned off firewall, and file sharing is enabled.


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  1. Here is a little more info on the situation.

    I am having problems with the 2-wire 3801HGV and my VPN. It looks as if I will be unable to use PPTP with this router, so I am trying to figure out how to properly set up my Linksys E3000 behind the 2-wire 3801HGV so that it can manage my VPN and I will be able to use PPTP.

    I can currently connect to my VPN, but cannot access any of my network resources. I will greatly appreciate any detailed assistance with getting this set up properly.

    Thanks in advance.

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