Hey guys can anyone help me?(kinda long bare with me lol)

So heres whats going on.
I have no experience building computers but i bought a computer and put it together the way the manual told me to. But i have alot of experience with hardward and software just never took the time to build one and now i remember why i didnt want to learn.
I put the computer together the way the manual told me and had my friend clearify that everything is compatable before i even bought it.

Heres the problem
My monitor was orignally running vga and the graphics card was dvi. So i put the converter on my vga cable and put it into my graphics card. The computer starts up, leds go to perfect color, fans spin, all that jazz.
BUT even if the computer is not turned on. The second i plug that dvi cable into my montior it INSTANTLY enters standby mode. I cant access bios, anything, i just see a black screen with my monitors flashing standby led going. I even went out and bought a actual DVI cable and still does the same thing.

Any idea on how to fix it?
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  1. Here ill lost my components.
    MSI 970A-G46 mainboard
    Patriot viper ddr3 ram
    HD 6670 1gb AMD Raedon graphics
    550W powersupply.
    AMD Quadcore processor
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