Problem when having multiple computers on my network

Hello thanks for taking your time to read my post, basically around 4-5 days ago I have been having problems playing online games such as World of Warcraft getting very high latency, when my computer is the only one connected to the network it is fine this is weird considering it has been fine for years without any problems. Thanks for taking the time to read my post hope someone can help.
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  1. Are those other computers downloading or uploading large files?
  2. No they aren't but before it wouldn't even be a problem if they were. could it be a problem with my router im using netgear DG834PN
  3. It is only your WOW that's getting the high latency, or any other games, or even your downloads?
  4. I download like normal and yes i seem to get latency on starcraft as well
  5. Okay, I would like to clarify, before you switched to your current ISP, are you on dsl internet? Now is it cable internet?
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