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Okay, so i just recently replaced my gpu, which is a 660ti, and fitted it inside my computer. When i plugged in the cable and powered up, no screen. So i tried the onboard slot and it worked, went to safe mode, installed the gpu disk drivers, and rebooted. When i plugged the cord back to the gpu and booted up, blank screen. When i switched to onboard, nothing ether. System powers up properly , just no screen. No bios, no nothing. POST beeped when i took out the ram, indication that the mobo works. No beeps hit me when i boot up, so POST isnt telling me the problem..

Update. So i removed the gpu and put the cable into the onboard slot, and the screen booted up. Does this mean my new gpu is shot or something, or is power not going to it?
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  1. this card need 6 pins power connector x 2 and a 450 watts psu,do you receive something from your monitor like no signal ?
  2. Yeah. Just a no signal message. Nothing appears.

    Also, about these cords... one i plug in looks like the bottom middle side has no connector, just a hole.
  3. this is the wiring and sometimes one of the yellow is not connect ,what is the power of your psu and do you use 2 separate power cable for the gpu ? try to test the card on another sytem and make shure both power cables are connected from psu to card ,does the gpu fan spin ?
  4. My psu is 600watts, and I cant tell if the gpu is spinning, as the fan is actually covered by the gpu itself..

    Yes, I use 2 cords inside the gpu, but again, its as if one of the cords is missing a yellow hole inside the bottom middle one. I seriously hope my gpu didnt get friend..
  5. you got one with a missing yellow and the other is having all the 6 cable in do you have another 6 pins pci-e slot on that psu or you could try to use this if you have one on hand replacing the one with the missing pin from this one .
  6. No, i do not have a 6 pin onhand. I have 3 other similar wires and they all have only 5 connectors. The only one that has all 6 is the one built into the gpu itself. Is it honestly all that important?
    Also, these are the ones that came straight come the box itself, so im semi skeptical abouti t :P
  7. give the name and model of that psu i want to check the cable output from it .
  8. it need 2 power connectors give the name and model of your power supply .
  9. The fan, i only have the box, which says 140mm slient fan by coolmax. Its a 600watt psu x.x
  10. this is the link for the 2 that have 600 watts coolmax have and they both have 2 pci-e cable on regular and the other is a 6+2 that you could split and the other so the only option for now is to try your graphic card in another system and try a card that use both power cable in your that will help find if it is the psu or the graphic card who need rma .
  11. The 2nd one is mine. However, i looked, and didnt find the 6+2 cord. Again, is the 6 yellow pin thing THAT cruicle? I could go buy one at a local store, but i just need to know if its important enough to make the gpu fail to work. I was able to install its drivers from the disk without one, so this is a problem x3
  12. if you look at it the 6+2 is red if you dont have all the cable that are on coolmax link i would rma this psu but yes you could try to use one of those 4 to 6 pins splitter to power you card ,but i would try to test that card in another system before buying anything in case she does not work .
  13. This is the SAME PROBLEM!

    The weirdest thing (or perhaps the most in-common one) is we BOTH have the same company power supply. I too have a coolmax (however 750 watt) power supply!
  14. On a side note I know my card is fine because I have had it tested in another machine after RMA'ing the GFX card. Seems like we are in the same boat akumati. Perhaps there is something fishy with these psu's that doesn't deliver the right wattage?
  15. Tis possible! However, Imma remake the thread, as some very important details have arise!
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