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I am looking at some of the previos high end gpus because they are cheaper, and I am wondering if a pci-e 2 card will work on a pci-e 3 mobo?
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  1. Hi. Yes it will work. Which graphics card are you looking at?
  2. gtx570, I will probably just go with a 7870
  3. The GTX 660 should be selling for more or less the same price as the HD 7870 but all of them will work with your motherboard.
  4. is the 570 comparable? what about the 6950?
  5. Well according to the benchmark results from TechPowerUp the GTX 660 comes out ahead. Personally I would go with current gen for support, power usage, features, etc. and they will soon be last gen cards with next gen coming soon.

  6. OK based on what I saw I will stick with a 7870 cause it beat the 660 ( not ti, ti is to much money)
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