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Sapphire hd 7950 Vapor X vs Galaxy gtx 660 Ti 3gb

Hello im going to order one of the these cards today or tomorrow i NEED HELP which will run general games better. I have no Brand (AMD NVIDIA) preference.
Thank you all
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    having no brand preference, I would definitely go for 7950 vapor x. 7950 is really over 660 ti even those 660 ti who has 3gb. And 7950 is with the level of 670. So if your gonna make a comparison, it should be 7950 vs 670. So with 7950 vs 660ti 3gb, definitely 7950. And also vapor x is one of the coolers out there.
  2. Dude thanks. I officially love you, but anyways do you know if tiger direct carries these. If not ill buy off newegg but if I dont have to wait for it I wont:). But anyways dude you have just cleared up a world of crap. But anyways its the regular sapphire hd 7950 not flex or vapor x any good since its only 300.
  3. I'm not sure with tiger direct man. Anyways, even a regular sapphire 7950 will do. :)
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  5. but is there much difference between the two
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