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EDIT: 19dann94 gets lag all the time while I only get random spikes so this is not the same problem.

I'm still not sure if this is a router problem so I chose this category.

When there are multiple computers connected to my router/network and at least one of them is playing a multiplayer game there are these random spikes in ping that take my ping from 20ms to >1000ms. All the computers get it. The ping spikes happen more often when there are multiple people playing multiplayer games. I have Roadrunner as my ISP and am using the Netgear CGD24G. This is the stock cable modem from Roadrunner. Unsure of why these spikes occur and any help is appreciated.

All the computers connected are fine for random intervals of 3-20 minutes (Usually it's 3-5 but I've had it not happen for 20minutes after the other) then there's a huge spike that lasts 10 seconds. As a novice this error makes no sense as to why it would happen randomly and not consistently.

If the problem is my router could I get some suggestions for a better router/cable modem.
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  1. I'm guessing that your modem might be causing the problem. By the way, has this ever done before? As in whether was it recent that you plugged multiple PC's to your modem or has been awhile. Does it happen only during gaming? Streaming of videos and torrent downloading does affect it as well.
  2. I've never seen it occur other then when people are gaming. This has happened since I switched to this internet a year or two ago. Back then we played games that weren't affected by these ping spikes (They didn't affect our experience, we still got the spikes).
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    So you actually tolerated for a year or 2? Kudos to you lol. Anyway, im suspecting that the router might be the reason. Do you have a spare router or you might want to borrow one from your friend todo a testing. One that your friend uses daily which doesnt have any problem with it. Just a test to see if the spike persist. If it does, you might want to contact your ISP to clarify it.
  4. I've gotten a replacement from Roadrunner many times, same router model each time. Should I still test another if I can find a friend that is willing?
  5. Since that's the case, I dont think you will need to borrow one from your friend for a test, unless you have the feeling that the router they gave you sucks. No harm too. After trying, if it's still spiking, you might wanna contact your isp about this issue.
  6. Alright, thanks for all this.
  7. Still, come back to check out what others have for you, they might have solutions for you =)
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