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recently I have built my own PC but have been disappointed with the frame rates I have been getting (30-40FPS in 1080P on BF3 and ARMA 2). I'm hoping this is just drivers, or maybe a single component, but I've tried updating drivers and I can't seem to improve performance
Here are my specs
AsRock Maximus V Gene
I7 3770K 3.5Ghz
16GB 2133Mhz Ripjaw X Ram
Asus HD79703GD5 (x2 in crossfiire)
Corsair 240Gb SSD
Seagate 2Tb HDD
Thermaltake 800W PSU
Windows 7 64 bit
As I see it, this should be a very powerful system but so far I have been disappointed with it as a whole.
Any tips tricks or guides would be appreciated, I have already uninstalled and deleted drivers/installed latest drivers, updated all software etc. but it still seems like it's running well below its potential.
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  1. Do you have the latest CAPS installed? CF bridge securly installed?

    What drivers version are you on ?
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    Are you running the games in full screen and not in Windowed mode (as Xfire does not work in window mode)
    Make sure you have the lastest drivers plus the newest CAP installed (unless installing the 13.1 drivers as they say not to install the older 12.x CAP with them)
    And that your crossfire bridge is installed and that your drivers say Crossfire is enabled

    You should be getting great FPS in those games, I get crazy fps in BF3 maxed out @ 1080p, I am getting better fps in BF3 @ 5760x1080 then u are at 1080p with the same GPU's
  3. I think even if CF is disabled you shoud be getting 40+ in BF3. Driver issue mostl likely, or 1 faulty card.
  4. Thanks, I got bf3 sorted out, apparently ARMA 2 is just awful for GPU and CPU utilisation. Thanks for the support.
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