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So I'm looking for a graphics card for under $150. My local computer shop recommended the Radeon HD 7770 or the GTX 650. Would the 7770 be better than the 650? I don't really play high end games, just games like World of Tanks, or CS:GO, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 Ghz with 4 GB or RAM. So would the 7770 or 650 be good or are their any better options?
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  1. Hi. The HD 7770 would be better than the GTX 650. The GTX 650 Ti is better than the HD 7770 and under $150. But sometimes the HD 7850 1GB can be had for $150 or less after rebate and that would be the best. Just make sure you have a quality power supply unit for whichever card you decide to go with.
  2. Yeah, the I've already worked out the psu. I've looked at the 7850 and most go for $170, but I'll see what the shop says. But as for the 650 Ti, this would be the better option over the 7770? Is the $30 difference worth it?

    Also, I play at 1280x1024 res.
  3. I would recommend the 7850 over the 7770 anyway. For $30 more, it's definitely worth it. You'll be able to max out everything. 1GB is fine for your resolution.
  4. at that res, a 7770 could drive BF3 on ultra around 50fps (I used to have a 7770). Yes, the 650 Ti will be slightly better than the 7770 in some games, however, it is not worth the 30$ since your res is relatively low. 7770 is the best value for what you need.
  5. What PSU do you have? The difference is $25 including shipping costs. I think it's worth it especially if you play at 1920 x 1080 but it's ultimately your decision to make.

    Edit: At 1280 x 1024 it might not be worth it. The HD 7770 will be fine.
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