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I have a Hauppage HVR 1600 MC. I live in Texas and have Time Warner basic cable. Over the last few years while I have upgraded my htpc computer guts and performance, the number of channels my tuner card pics up is now down to a handful. I get my local HD, which is great...but my Samsung t.v. picks up 60 or so basic qam and hd channels, while my tuner card picks up some 6 or 8. I really want to use Win7 for a pvr and not pay for digital services, but the channel scan pics up next to nothing...thoughts on other cards or solutions?
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  1. Weird. I would expect the Hauppauge card to tune all the same channels as your TV does. First thing I would do would be to check with Hauppauge and see if there's a driver or firmware update for your card.

    Hauppauge is pretty much the gold standard for OTA and QAM TV Tuner cards; with AverMedia not far behind. Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend going with a newer card for fear that you'll get the exact same results. If you're willing to test it, though, the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 is the latest and greatest. The WinTV-HVT-1850 would also be a candidate.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Did a little poking around on user experience on Avermedia cards, and one user experience read just like mine... channels dropped off over time and there was a large discrepancy on what the TV tuner picked up verses the htpc tuner card. That person thought perhaps the culprit was Windows Media Center... any thoughts from the peanut gallery?
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