HELP PLEASE! General graphics setting question.

So I been googling for a while now and cant find an answer. First off I have a msi gtx 680 oc at 1212 core. I know hbao setting is for nvidia hdao for ati (generally speaking) then ssao is less of the two. So questions is on my 1080 led monitor can I tell the difference between ssao and hbao? Also my mssa is at 4 on far cry specifically if I put it at a 2 or 8 will there be a huge difference? I know for msaa I should do trial and error but want a solid answer because my eyes can lie and think its better the higher I put it kind of like placebo effect lol thanks for your help.
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  1. I honestly can't tell the difference between ssao, hdao, and hbao. I don't know if it is just me. MSAA looks a little better at x4, but x8 the difference will be pretty hard to tell.
  2. Ill try ssao then and raise msaa
  3. Actually idk if you tried this but for some reason for far cry 3 turning v sync off I can do msaa at 4 with hbao and hold at least 50fps. Im going to try 8mssa and see what I get but right now its smooth v sync was messing everything up I dont know why far cry only game that messed up with vsync off usually other way arround
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