Windows 7 x64 - fails to install with "A required cd/dvd driver is needed...."

I tried to install Windows 7 x64 on a machine that I already had Windows 7 32 bit successfully installed. But the 64 bit install failed with message "A required cd/dvd driver is needed...." . Removed everything from the motherboard except one hdd/sata and tried installing from usb image too and the same dreadful cd/dvd driver needed message stops the install.... any clue ?
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  1. Now, lets not all of us reply at once. :)
  2. Set to ide mode in bios.
  3. Does your cpu support 64 bit?
  4. daship said:
    Set to ide mode in bios.

    Thanks, daship, I shall give it a try this weekend.
  5. basket687 said:
    Does your cpu support 64 bit?

    Yes, My system is AMD Phenom II X4 965, C3 / Biostar TA790GX A3+ / 4GB Corsair DDR3. It sure does support 64 bit.
  6. In Case You have tried everything to solve this issue and still didnt got it solved,
    Here is how i got it solved:
    Google for Intel's Windows 7 USB Creation tool, and make a bootable usb with rufus or any utility.
    Now open intel's USB Creation tool, and it will ask to browse for bootable usb drive, browse it and click start, all you need to do is wait till it completes the process.
    Now this bootable usb will work with USB 3.0 as well, and you will get your windows installed
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