This is just a heads up for anyone who happens to read this thread.

I just received a phone call from a man with an Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft. He claimed my PC has been sending them error reports and he was calling to check in on things. I played along until he requested me to install teamviewer (which I already have as I use it to help friends from time to time) and to allow him access. I told him that I'm well aware Microsoft has their own remote desktop connection application and I do not need to install third party software to allow that connection.

He continued to argue with me stating that my computer must have an infection and he is doing his job by helping me. I laughed and said I have a mac (which I don't, PC for the win), he then swore and hung up on me.

After doing a reverse lookup on the number I found it to be from New York, New York and a cell phone.

The number is 1-917-217-9518.

I called Microsoft to report this, and the support rep said he thought my mac comment was pretty funny. He took a full report including my name and number, and said they'd be in touch and that they are taking legal action against these individuals already.

If you get a phone call from this number, or any other for that matter DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OR ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR PC.

They are trying to install keyloggers which will relay your personal information to them and compromise your identity, possibly even your financial information if you do online banking/shopping.

Microsoft will only contact you if you request it! Do not fall for the scam!
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  1. I posted it once under each Windows forum. Not everyone uses Windows 7.

    Report the thread if you think it's an issue.
  2. Apanzee said:
    I posted it once under each Windows forum. Not everyone uses Windows 7.

    Report the thread if you think it's an issue.

    Hi :)

    Umm its the rules... if you don't like it argue with a Moderator...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. This has been going on in the UK for the last couple of years or so, I have even received them at work.
  4. One fun thing to do with these scammer's, is play really dum. Pretend your phone is in a different room to your computer. Tell them it takes 20 minutes to start up. E.g. keep them on hold for ages then yes eventually tell them you have a mac.
  5. Yeah this has been going on for a while... I had a similar call over a year ago.

    I asked a few technical question, like what the IP address was.... and if it was UDP or TCP... and he was unable to answer.

    After that I told him to go and boil his head and hung up on him.

    No calls since.

  6. eh, old story. you can do what gravil did and point out that you're not as gullible as they think you are or have a bit of fun;
  7. @Brett, as I said, I posted it once under each Windows forum. Not everyone uses the same version and everyone should be aware of scams like this. Not many people are gullible to the extent of having their computer compromised, but there are the handful that will fall for it. This may prevent at least a couple of them. Obviously the scam works on some people, or they wouldn't be doing it. I already said, report the thread if you think I'm doing wrong by posting it more than once.

    @Hazle, that's what I usually do. Telemarketers too. I had one on the phone for an hour one time trying to sell me a fridge. Was rather entertaining. "Does it hold beer?" "Yes." "What about jello?" "..Yes." And on and on. Regardless of my own gullibility this thread is for the benefit of others who may be flustered by the call.
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