Strange Problem with new GTX 660

Ok, so I bought a GTX 660 for a old system. It's specs is as follows;

Asus P5Q Pro motherboard with an Intel 9450 CPU, 4 gigs DDR2 ram, and a 750 watt power supply.

I installed the new video card and worked normal for about two days, then the system would no longer post. I used an old 8800 GTX in the system and then it would post like normal.

So bad video card I figured, but I put the GTX 660 into a brand new system I build about a month ago, and the video card functioned like normal, it posted and played games for two days.

So where is my problem? does the 660 GTX have problems with older motherboards. So I tried the 660 in all of my available pc's, older systems it would not post, newer systems it would post.

any ideas??

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  1. could be that the power supply went bad and cant handle the voltage load of the new card. with older mb also check that all the bios updates have been installed.
  2. Ok I tried a new power supply and the 660 GTX still wouldn't post, the motherboard has the most up to date firmware already
  3. sounds like there a bad part on the mb. may be a weak cap where the pci bus not outputting the voltage needed to kick over the new video card.
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