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MSI PE 670 SLI 2, AX850 PSU, Sabertooth X79 Mobo CRASHED Sub to 690?

January 25, 2013 3:48:41 AM

Hello this BJKill, I am new to toms.

QUESTION: Is AX 850 enough for my rig? I am no fan of 690 due to the price but the following are my options (assuming there are no compatibility issues with my mobo and GRUs)

Option 1. If power is the problem that means I have to buy a 1000W PSU, that will run me around 150, combining that with the cost of my two 670 PEs 420 and now 380 Total 950USD. And I have to either not use my Xonar sound card or get a new one with different socket which will cost me another 150. So total cost 1100 USD of which 800 USD is NEW MONEY.

Option 2 - Buy a 690 and return the new 670 and keeping my PSU and Sound card. So total New Money cost will be for just a 690 which is around 1100USD. And also have an extra 670 for my other system.

Would love to get your expert opinion on this. Also the guys in Hong kong are telling me that all 690 cards are the same? Is that true? So the only difference is the cooling if it was modded by manufac? And of course customer service and warranty. Does that also mean that they are manufactured by same factory and in most cases the difference is just the sticker they slap on?

WHAT HAPPENED: I've been using a MSI 670 GTX PE on two 23 inch monitors for a few months with no problem. Recently I bought the same card and tried to SLI on three 23 inches monitor my system totally crashed, (it was working fine with 3 monitors until I messed around with the imade surround settings) the NVidea driver was somehow uninstalled or have error and only one card was able to feed VGA signal to one monitor. I then removed one card and reinstalled the drivers and I am able to go back to old setup again, which is one card and two moitors.

AX 850 Cosaire PSU
Asus Sabertooth X79
Intel i7 3820 (not OC)
Cosaire 4 X 4 DDR 1600 Ram
Evo 212 cooler
6 X Case fans Various Sizes
NZXT Phantom
1 Blu ray
256g SSD
3T seagate
Front panel mem card, USB3 interface
3X Asus 23in IPS monitor
8 X USB devices, ranging from lamps to mouse Keyboard and Headphones etc.
Am I missing anything?

the only GPU intensive thing I do are games. Battle field, farcry, starscraft...