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Cant Boot Asus Laptop

I have a Asus G73jh that will not boot up. It was running super slow the other night so I shut it down and re booted. a screen promted me with something like "computer was unable to start, need to run repair" so i ran the repair and it timed out and told me i need to bring computer the the repair shop or something.

I unscrewed the back and noticed the Ram was not seated so I seated it and made sure HDD was seated and tried to reboot but now it just takes a very long time to boot and only get to the login screen but the login section where you enter password doesnt appear and only shows my wallpaper with very low resolution mouse cursor.

I tried to to boot in safe mode, does the same thing, I tried a system restore but wont let me, it just goes right to the blank login screen with low resolution.

any ideas? bad hard drive? bad ram? idk what to do its a $1700 laptop out of warranty. :(
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    Hello sactown024;

    You can do a pretty easy test to see if it's maybe just a toasted Windows install.

    Burn a bootable LiveCD (or USB thumb drive) with it's own operating system that doesn't need to use the HDD or Windows.
    If it can run well you can narrow things down to the HDD or Windows installation.

    Ubuntu Desktop

    It's not windows - but enough alike you can probably browser your HDD to find and locate any personal data or files you may not have backed up.

    Tap on the F12 key at power on and choose the CD/DVD or USB device to boot from.
    For the CD - use the TRY It option. A USB stick is quite a bit faster loading.
  2. is the link you posted the live windows 7 download that will run from usb?
  3. No thats a live LinuxCD download.
  4. yeah I will try that, I am pretty sure my HDD is shot, my laptop keyboard lights were flickering and i was banging on it pretty hard to get it to stay lit (lol i know, stupid, dont remind me) thats when it stopped working.
  5. Sounds like the hard-drive is bad or the OS is corrupt, probably a bit of both.
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