Recently i have noticed my GFX card has been getting alot hotter than what it usually does. It is a MSI Twin Frozr II 560ti OC and i have noticed higher idle and load temps.

eg. Idle temps have increased from around 33-35 to about 39-40. Also the card never used to get over 72 degrees Celsius but it is now reaching 80.

The card is less than a year old but does this mean i need to replace the thermal paste?
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  1. You're fine, there could be many factors such as ambient temps and dust.
  2. Well before jumping to thermal paste, is you card overclocked at all? If so try lowering the voltage or clock speed a bit. Also, have you tried cleaning the card with a can of compressed air to get the dust out?
  3. I noticed you posted the same thing about your CPU being hot as well, so thermal compound is not the issue. I think a system cleaning/rebuild would solve the problem, sounds like the dust is just impeding airflow.
  4. The card is stock OC and i'm not going to lower it from there. the card is pretty clean as well. I am having a few problems with other temps in my PC after installing some new case fans which were meant to be better than my previous ones, but so far all i'm experiencing is higher cpu and gfx temps
  5. Is there a block on it?

    If there is, how much rad space?
  6. improve airflow by adding fans and/or doing cable management.

    check the heatsinks, sometimes they may look clean but if you look closer they are now.
    try playing with the side panel removed, see if that helps
  7. @amuffin

    as i said it has a MSI twin frozr II cooler on it.


    My cable management is very good for my case, it allows for direct airflow.
    with the side panel of i may get 1 degree difference.
    i also tried putting a small side table fan, about 200mm, blowing on an angle with the side pannel off but that didn't seem to make a massive difference.
  8. Your profile pic is misleading. :P

    Take the card out and check if there's any dust within the heatsinks.
  9. sorry about that. It is just my inspiration to what i want my build to become. The guy has the same case and i did the same case modding he did for cable management.

    Will probably just buy some compressed air any give everything another clean out.
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