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Hello guys,
I would like to buy some new graphics card for improve games.
I have actually Saphire HD 6850, and I think that this graphic is not good, because in last time I have issue with FPS.

Can u advice me some good graphic for games around 300-350$?

I looked on the GTX660 and I think that this graphics is perfect, bud I don´t know,that is substantially better than 6850 for this money.


ps: sorry for my bad english :)
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  1. For that budget you should get hd 7950 or hd 7970.both will good upgrade for you.
  2. At that Range you can Look for these

    GTX 660Ti

    Radeon 7950

    If you can Increase your Budget by $30, you can get GTX670.
    Which is a very good card.
  3. We need to see the rest of your system specs. With your budget you could afford a much faster card, but if your system and power supply are not sufficient, it will not help as much as it could.
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