Low frames per second new setup

Hello, ive just bought a whole new set up its running windows 8
i7 3770
8GB (2 x 4GB) Dual Channel DDR3 PC-12800 (1600MHz
AMD HD6970 2GB
samsung 27inch moniter
ive just ran a test through 3d mark and im only getting 10-20 fps any help from what ive heard that is quite slow
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  1. What is your score and what setting are you using?

    3D mark isn't meant to get good framerates, it is meant to tax your system
  2. it you're going to give 3dmark scores you'll need to tell us version and ALL settings, especially is they are not "DEFAULT"

    Better would be specific games, with resolution, settings, and FPS, preferably from a built in benchmark if possible.
  3. thanks for all the replys fixed it
  4. What was up?
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