Graphic Card Is Not Running Smoothly

Greetings :bounce: , Today I bought an SSD drive and I decided to built my system on it, I installed windows 7 ultimate x64, all the drivers and I started surfing on the web...
I made a couple of observation and I think that something is wrong with the graphic card. These observations are the following

-When I am in a web page and I am scrolling down I can hear the fan from the graphic card (I am sure) moving a bit faster. Except of that noise I can hear a buzzing noise similar to the one that we hear from the hdd.
-The scrolling is not smooth having a small lag
-When I am moving a window very fast I can see its marks producing a "laggy" effect

-I had similar problems also in previous OS's but I didn't take the time to open a thread and find the problem
-I watched a youtube video in 1080p, one 720p movie and there was no lag everything was smooth
-I run the utility from AMD which detects which drivers must be downloaded, it said to download catalyst v13.1. I installed it successfully..
-The "Use smooth scrolling" box from the internet options was checked.

Thank you for your time :D

Gigabyte EX58-UD3R
Intel Core i7 CPU 2.67GHz
Asus Eah4890
Samsung SSD 60GB
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
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  1. What are your system specs and what browser are you using?
  2. ooops i thought i wrote my system specs in my signature.. I'm sorry
    I am using Firefox and these are my system specifications

    Gigabyte EX58-UD3R
    Intel Core i7 CPU 2.67GHz
    3GB RAM
    Asus Eah4890
    Samsung SSD 60GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
  3. Does the problem occur with other browsers?

    Do you have any oc or modified bios settings?

    What monitor do you have?
  4. So, we have some results in here.. I just installed google chrome and I tried to scroll a demanding web page such as tumblr. Scrolling was very smooth and I couldn't hear the GPU fan working faster like in firefox...! Do you say that this is a problem coming from the browser? But how do you explain the fact that when I am moving a window it leaves a white path something like erasing the background for a second??? and I can hear the GPU fan moving faster :pt1cable:

    I didn't modified bios settings and unfortunately because of luck of knowledge I am not into oc :D

    My monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster P2250 (I didn't search for any drivers I think there is some useless software about it..)

    I didn't search separately for CPU drivers, I just installed the motherboard drivers.
    Thanks for answering so far mate!!
  5. i also have a nonsmooth scrolling in firefox when i check the option and yeah it looks laggy but just in the eyes even though it's not. it's just the animation by firefox
  6. Yes, but how do you explain the lag from moving a window and listening your gpu fan increasing its speed?
  7. Might be your windows appearance settings. Change those to best appearance
  8. Clean out your dust from you GPU fans and set a custom fan profile in MSI afterburner.
  9. Still, I dont think these would solve the problem because I believe that I have to do with a hardware problem if I consider the fact that similar problems occured also in previous OS's but I really thank you all for your replies and your time!!
    I am gonna try to clean the fan, use some wd40 and I will download afterburner. If you think of another solution don't hesitate to reply!
    Cheers :D :D
  10. DO NOT USE WD40! Use compressed air to clean the fans and heatsink, nothing else.

    Changing appearance setting may solve the white background left behind however.
  11. awd01 said:
    ... use some wd40...

    NO!!! :o ... Just NO! :non:

    I wouldn't think it's becase of dust or anything else like that.. Are you sure ALL the drivers are up to date? Chipsets? RAM etc.?
  12. -I just used wd 40 for the fans :((( too late... I also took off the protection cover from the graphic card... I dont know why :D

    I can see a difference changing the windows appearance!
    I didnt manage to find any drivers for the cpu and ram... only for motherboard and the graphic card... any help?
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