Which graphics card to buy

I'm building a new budget pc these are the items i have now or on there way shipping






im looking to get the best graphics card for this system with best price taken into account .. ive found this card for about 100 used ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127664 ) .. is there a card better or equal to this one within 100-115 range .. I can use ebay or amazon just want best deal

any info is helpful but please stick to the graphics card question and not tell me what I should have purchased etc its just about what video card for my price range would perform best
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  1. If you can spend a bit more

    a 7850 is much faster and is $159 with rebate if not just get the 7770ghz
  2. choose nVIDIA if you like playing game with smooth graphic

    i think ATI graphic like stacked bricks, you know, playing without anti aliasing and Vsync. only in game with gaming evolved logo if you wanna see good quality graphic that ATi can produce, but not as good as nVIDIA produce.
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