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What security to use on linksys router?
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  1. Either Wpa or wpa2.
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    I run WPA2 Personal + TKIP+AES on my Linksys.

    The newest and most secure kind of encryption is WPA2.

    Both WEP and WPA have already been cracked by hackers. WPA2 is the most secure.

    When the router setup asks you to choose a wireless security encryption method, choose security mode "WPA2 Personal". Then choose algorithms "TKIP+AES".

    Choose a strong password for your encryption key, such as a combination of letters and numbers.

    It can be from 8 to 63 characters, I would use at least 14 characters.

    Leave the key renewal interval as it is, and save the setting.

    Make sure you can remember the key.

    I hate to tell you to write it down, but if you must, you must.
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