New Gpu but no display

i have a gtx 520 but have just got the HD 7750 the reason i got this is because i only have a 300w psu and a mini tower case so i dont have much room to get a higher watt psu i put the 7750 into the case and the fan spins up but no display when i put my old gpu in it works fine i have read alot online and i'm stuck he is my pc a part from the the ram it is the exact same


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Thanks for you answers
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  1. Do you see the bios or no? Did you uninstall the nvidia driver before you put in the 7750?
  2. no i dont see the bios and i did uninstall nvidia driver
  3. Is the card fully seated? If you switch cards back to the Nvidia does it work? If switching to Nvidia works then the 7750 could be DOA.
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