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i want to buy XFX Hd6950 2Gb with 6970 bios or zotac gtx 560 ti 448 cores limited edition. which is better? i would play on 1920x1080 resolution battlefield 3. On a single monitor.

My cpu AMD FX 4100
Mainboard MSI 760mg-p23(FX)
8gb ram

which video card is better?

p.s. is 448 edition a lot better than gtx 560ti?
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  1. What is your total budget for gpu?
  2. about 200$,
    i live in europe and i can buy thouse from my country.
  3. Hd 6970 is better than gtx will able to maxout games at 1080p.
  4. I believe the 6950 is the better card.
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