660 Ti FTW or regular?

What's the difference from EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti FTW and the regular? Is the FTW version overclocked or is it just remade? Is it better?
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  1. The ftw has a higher overclock from factory(Core Clock: 1046MHz /Boost Clock: 1124MHz), if running out of the box without further oc, the ftw is better.
  2. if 7fps more is worth the expense and the extra heat and extra stress it puts on your system and if it's worth the extra money.....????
  3. The price is the same on Amazon, so it's not anymore expensive.

    I'm getting a 650 watt power supply too. Does the FTW need extra power than the regular? How much?
  4. Same power as the other card required.
    Get the ftw, then, it has a higher oc from factory, usually the ftw, uses a vapor chamber, it could also have a higher power phase count.
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