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Hi Everybody,

I am new to Toms Hardware but have been reading as a non-member for a long time. I have recently got a new pc. This was the setup:

AMD FX-4170 4.2GHz
AMD Radeon 6670 2GB DDR3
16GB 1333Mhz Ram
2TB Hard drive

After getting this set up, i bought Battlefield 3 and noticed that this card was not even good enough to perform at low on this game, so i bought a MSI GTX660 2GB DDR5 and this is running very well and i am able to play the game perfectly. I am running with everything on low on 1920x1080 and getting 80fps which i thought was all good enough. I have had a friend recently advise that this should be much higher and should be able to play at a much higher setting.

Is this correct for the setup? any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. What PSU do you have and is this multiplayer or singleplayer?
  2. Sorry the PSU is a 600w and it is on multiplayer. I have been told off somebody that uses a GTX 580 that i should be able to run at least high settings at 80 fps.
  3. well multiplayer tends to be very cpu heavy, your cpu might hold you back a little...
    what happens if you set the game at high? does the fps drop a lot or not?
  4. Not sure on the MSI, but I have a EVGA GTX 660 SC running with 8 gig of ram and a 3570K @ 4.2 and I can run everything on High with no problems as all.

    Edit - getting 60 FPS with a few dips here and there
  5. It's your weak CPU for sure.
    Try singleplayer and I bet it will be much higher
  6. darth pravus said:
    It's your weak CPU for sure.
    Try singleplayer and I bet it will be much higher

    how can the cpu be weak, its 4.2 ghz at standard. benchmarks show it to be at a very high level cpu. I will check it on a higher setting and report the results.
  7. Clock rate doesn't make speed. It's not a high level CPU. I3's can outperform it
  8. Ammended the settings to medium and i am getting around 60fps average. does anybody else use the gtx 660 and what fps do you get?
  9. I use a 670 and I get 60-80 on ultra. A 660 should do high easily as a 660ti would do ultra when overclocked
  10. I did have the ATI 6670 before hand and when trying to remove all the Ati stuff i was unable to remove the control panel for it so could this be causing any issues
  11. Maybe it's best to do a fresh install to negate any software issues.
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