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(Can I) Bypass onboard graphics with video card?

Hi all,

My mother monitor will not come on. All she gets is 'no signal'. swapped out the monitor with two other and the same thing happens. The monitor comes on for 10 seconds or so then no signal. I assume it is the onboard graphics. my question is; can i buy her a cheap graphics card, and thus bypass the onboard graphics?
Any help (especially quick help, she gotta have her daily dose of solitaire) would be greatly appreciated!!!

Regards, Erik
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  1. yes, though it may not be the onboard gpu causing your problem

    are you sure the computer is working other than you getting no signal to the monitor?
  2. not 100% sure, as i cannot get a picture. don't know any way to find out other than to get the video card and see if this is the problem. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    i suggest you borrow a videocard and find out.
  4. well look at the hdd light, if it's blinking like it's reading the hdd to load up windows or if you have speakers you should be able to hear the windows start up tune etc...
  5. look at the back of your pc. if it a pre built it may have a video card installed in it. look to see how many and where the video ports are. if there is an onboard video it going to be where the slot covers are as part of the mb case. if your using a vga monitor and a adapter the adapter may no be working. on new build make sure the 4/8 pin pci power is connected if not there wont be any video.
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