Radeon 3770 Requirements

Will my PSU be able to run a Radeon 3770? I have the stock 350w PSU and I've been looking to upgrade my Graphics Card, without upgrading my PSU.

i7 - 3770k 3.4 ghz

8gb DDR3 Ram

Geforce GT 630

Stock 350w PSU
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  1. Not to be funny or anything, but I don not believe there is a Radeon HD 3770, is this a typo maybe? Or were you referring to your CPU?

  2. there has never been a Radeon 3770 card...
  3. Maybe it's the 5/6/7770 ?
  4. I think maybe HD 4770, but you hit the 3 key by accident?
  5. That was embarrassing :pt1cable:

    I meant the 7750.
  6. Yes, it will do for the 7750.
    That card doesn't require external power from pcie connectors, maximum tdp of the card is 55W.
    So it will do.
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