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Best reference GTX 670?

Hi everyone, I'm currently thinking on buying a GTX 670 but I have doubts about which brand to choose, I'm buying a reference model card. So, which Brand offers the best build quality???

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The best reference cards the ones with just shroud and a blower design are from EVGA. On the Nvidia side you will not find a better reference card maker. They offer great support and warranty and also have a neat program called the step up program where you are able to upgrade your graphics card within the first 90 days up to a faster card. So in your case lets say you got the 670 but in 3 months time the 770 comes out and you wanted that you could do that. If you go with a reference card from EVGA I would recommend the signature 2 card.
  2. Thanks for the info.
    I checked the link and thats not a reference card, thats a FTW Signature 2 card which its overclocked to 1006 MHz and costs $420, I intend to buy a reference model card that doesnt cost more tan $375.
    The reference model cards are clocked at 915Mhz.
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    All of EVGA’s cards are reference by design with the exception of the water blocked cards. The reason why I suggested the signature 2 card is that it’s the best air cooled card from them because its as close as they get to aftermarket cooling wise. Taking a look onto newegg I saw this one. Which has a mail in rebate to bring it down to $359 may be worth your time looking at that one then given your price range.
  4. Thanks for the info.
    I checked the link and this is perfect for me, I also saw this same card in Amazon for $5 less. Should I order from Newegg or Amazon? Which deliver their products in better shape?
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