Graphic Card drivers crash.

My system:
CPU: AMD athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor 2.60GHz
Video Card: ASUS GTX 560 TI 830Mhz Edition
Ram: 6GB 2x4 (Don't know brand came with my ACER Desktop)
Motherboard: Acer FRX780M
Hard Drive: Intel SSD 120GB 330 series
PSU: AXP-630P12P 630W
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

The PSU and GPU is a year old in March

So a few days ago my graphics card drivers started to crash.
I get the little popup icon saying "Display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered".
I have been looking all around the web and cannot seem to find any solution to this.
I am running with a ASUS GTX 560 TI and a 630W PSU from AXP.

Today I decided to try using the GPU on my brothers computer and it worked fine... I tried using his card in my PC and i got the error message again.

Then I tried using my old PSU and my old GPU and I still get the same errors )= (Old gpu is Radeon x1600 series)

Could this be a bad motherboard? It is a old motherboard from 2009 i think

Also when I go into "Safe mode" the crashing doesn't appear

I have done a celan install of windows and I am running BIOS defaults
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  1. The only time I've had a driver crash with my nvidia cards is when a game got really really taxing on my card. Your CPU is a bit dated.

    Did this happen in a game or just in the normal desktop usage.
  2. Yeah I know the CPU is a bit old but it has been working for over a year and just now the problem occured.

    The crashing hapends in both desktop and gaming. Usually when in desktop the driver will crash and restore but in games the drivers wont restore and i have to cut the power and reboot
  3. Hmm, I may then suspect it could possibly be a power related issue. Normally I would see a company listed on a tiered list for a power supply and yours is not. I suspect a poor quality power supply unit.

    They show up here though,2913-4.html
  4. Ok, Now I am running with my AXP PSU on my Brothers PC Wich has these specs:

    CPU: INtel Core i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10ghz
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 660
    8gb Ram
    HDD: 2TB western Digital Green
    PSU: Coolermaster something ( Right now running with my APX)

    I've been running with this for 30 minutes and played games... no crashes
    On my PC games crash instanly.
  5. Right which kind of leads me to believe that your CPU is bottlenecking you.
  6. Ok, Then i guess I have to buy a new motherboard and CPU
  7. are you able to have your brother test your graphics card?
  8. Yes i did i put my card in his pc and his card in my pc none of the cards work in my pc both work in his
  9. Yea I would presume that would narrow it down for you a little bit as to what the issue may be with the driver crashing.

    I would try this and see if it solves anything.

    Uninstall the drivers

    Then use drive sweeper to get rid of the registery values for your card.

    Then get the latest driver and perform a clean installation.
    310.90 WHQL
  10. I think that it is a bad PCI port on the motherboard because now i get BIOS error beeps and the system wont boot at all. I also noticed that the GPU is a bit loose in the motherboard, Yes its seated correctly.

    First the normal Beep then 10-15 sec after i get two short. I read that its a bad video card connection or something

    "1 long, 2 short - Video system failure: Error in video card BIOS, or a horizontal retrace has failed"
  11. Your card is under warranty still from the manufacture I'm sure so maybe you can take advantage of that and RMA it.
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